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Linda Sundblad


I have been longing to release theis acoustic version of Det Var Ju Du & Jag


Released this Friday!
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Linda Sundblad

In 1996, 15-year-old Linda Sundblad joined the Swedish rock group Lambretta. The bold move paved the way for a genre-bending career that’s seen her work with super producers and rappers and work in-front of the camera as a model.

So, a new creative adventure, singles and albums are in-coming, three-word style in the bag and, with it, new merch.

True Romantic

Linda releases her second single True Romantic.

Anyone who knows Linda Sundblad knows that she is the ultimate 'True Romantic'. Now is Linda Sundblad current with her second single on the upcoming album, with the title And Yet She Moves. The single True Romantic will be released on May 24, 2024. True Romantic is a sunny pop song and was written together with the producer Gabriel Runemark (Oscar Zia, First Aid Kit, Maja Francis),

Linda describes her romantic approach to life and love, to stop making excuses for her bleeding heart and embrace the full-blooded romantic she genuinely is.

Det var Ju du & jag

A Resilient Return with "Det var ju du och jag"Friday, April 5th, 2024, Linda Sundblad will release her latest single, "Det var ju du och jag" (You & Me). The song is a deeply personal account of Linda's experiences with love and loss, reflecting on the times when she faced the abyss of separation, only to find healing and reconciliation in unexpected ways.

But the song is also about leaving an old side of you, how hard it can be to let go of habits, patterns and sides of you that no longer serve you. Every new year, you have made an upgrade of yourself. This track, sung in Linda's mother tongue, Swedish, resonates with the authenticity and depth that has characterized her career.

listen here


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